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Software SPSS  and VOXCO 

About the product portfolio

Predictive analytics software helps organizations use data in their daily decision-making to substantially improve outcomes.

Organizations in business, government, non-profits and academia can capture information about people’s attitudes and opinions, predict the outcomes of interactions before they occur and act on their insights by embedding analytic results into business processes.

IBM® SPSS® solutions are a key component of IBM’s broad business analytics portfolio that helps organizations make informed and optimized decisions everywhere to improve outcomes and manage risk. SPSS products enable your organization to apply analytics to decision-making whenever and wherever it is needed. These products can function independently but are designed to work together to address the full spectrum of analytics needs.

Organizations can benefit from analytics faster when multiple capabilities are integrated into a single solution.

SPSS software supports:

•   Social, survey and market research. Solutions such as IBM Social Media Analytics along with SPSS Data       Collection help provide you with a detailed view of customers based on the analysis of social media, survey research and market research data.

•  Predictive and advanced analytics. Solutions such as IBM SPSS Statistics and its modules and IBM SPSS Modeler are recognized leaders in providing the advanced analytics, predictive analytics and data and text mining capabilities that turn data into insight.


Multichannel Data Collection Software

Voxco Command Center™ is an integrated platform for multichannel and mixed data collection modes that provides higher performance research, more flexibility, and centralized survey management capabilities.

Data collection modes:

1. Web Survey (CAWI)  2. Telephone Survey (CATI)   3. Interactive Vocal Server (IVR)  4. Mobile Survey

5. Face-to-Face Survey (CAPI).

  • Simplified management of surveys.
  • Optimized data security through advanced and flexible management of access rights providing greater flexibility.
  • Highly versatile sample management options.
  • Execution of any type of project, from simple to complex ones.
  • Efficient communication with managers via a reporting portal.