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Why Choose EDU-SANTE Research?

Specializing in “live” and “telephone” interviewing, our staffing requirements are extremely focused on recruiting highly qualified researchers, recruiters, data processors and interviewers who are extremely passionate about their work in research, communications and analysis.

Our comprehensive “savoir faire” in both medical, historical and marketing research allows our staff to provide your company the quality services and answers you deserve.

Surveys and Studies

Medical and Marketing research surveys and studies  are a proven asset if not an absolute necessity for companies who wish to stay ahead of their competitors or who simply wish to further their findings in medical research. Polling potential end-users of products and services is essential in order to encourage company growth.


The right Data collection opportunities can supply your company with a wealth of valuable information. Qualified Interviewers are just as essential in order to accurately interview the right respondents as they know exactly how to ask the right question in order to get an accurate response. We are here to provide whatever help that we can produce in building a great relationship with our clients and further helping in the  implementation of new solutions.

A few of our previous sub-contracted Projects and Clients by Nicole Lebrasseur CEO